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Innovation culture

Innovation Culture & Change provides consulting, training, coaching, research and education in building intercultural competence and creating cultures of innovation by benefiting from cultural diversity:

  • Cross-cultural competence: intercultural teambuilding, intercultural leadership and intercultural communication skills to create cultures of innovation in international cooperation
  • Cultural aspects of organisational integration: making mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures and alliances across cultures work
  • Corporate and regional culture change: Creating Cultures of Innovation

Innovation culture

Peter Prud'homme van Reine


Innovation Culture & Change

Consulting, Training and Education Services



Innovation Culture & Change is the consultancy/research/training/education company of Peter Prud'homme van Reine. Peter has a PhD in Social Science (based on a study of cultural processes in international mergers), an MA in Cultural & Organizational Anthropology, and  an MSc in Applied Physics. 

He worked in his career as a senior intercultural consultant/trainer; as academic teacher and researcher in international management, cross-cultural management, innovation management and business history; as a director of a business school and as technology & innovation manager with international responsibilities.


Peter’s focus is on teaching, advising, training, coaching and research in creating cultures of innovation. His approach is to make organizations benefit from cultural diversity, in the interaction between national cultures (e.g. multicultural teamwork), regional   cultures (e.g. creating regional innovation cultures) and  organizational cultures (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances across cultures).

Peter has 40 years of professional experience working in over 40 countries around the globe.

Peter has published extensively on Intercultural Competence, Cultural aspects of Mergers, Corporate Culture Change and creating Cultures of innovation. Key publications:

  • Handling cultural diversity in higher education. (Book chapter with co-author H. Blom in Valorisation of  Internationalization: about internationalisation of higher education,, eds. R. Coelen, W. van der Hoek, H. Blom, Stenden, 2017) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322235404_Handling_cultural_diversity_in_higher_education
  • The culture of design thinking for innovation (article published in Journal of Innovation Management vol. 5(2), 2017) https://journals.fe.up.pt/index.php/IJMAI/article/view/361 
  • Effectief samenwerken in interculturele teams (book with co-author Herman Blom, publisher Coutinho, 2016)
  • Managing Change across Corporate Cultures (book with co-author Fons Trompenaars, publisher Capstone/Wiley, 2004) 
  • The Synergy Masquerade: cultural processes in international mergers and acquisitions (book, publisher Cross-Cultural Organisations, 2005).
  • Processes of inclusion and exclusion in public sector mergers (book chapter in "Organizing Innovation", 2006). 
  • Characteristics of open innovation cultures in different regional contexts (book chapter in Open Innovation, a Multifaceted Perspective, publisher World Scientific, 2016)
  • Open innovation and regional growth (book chapter in Handbook of Regional Innovation & Growth, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011) 
  • Mythe en realiteit van het creëren van innovatieculturen (article with co-author prof. Ben Dankbaar, in M & O: Tijdschrift voor Management en Organisatie, 2009)
  • Open innovation and regional culture (article in European Planning Studies, 2011), 
  • Creating cultures of sustainable innovation (article in Journal of Innovation Management, 2013) https://journals.fe.up.pt/index.php/IJMAI/article/view/13
  • A networking culture to benefit from open innovation (article in Journal of Innovation Management, 2015) https://journals.fe.up.pt/index.php/IJMAI/article/view/54
  • Developing expatriates for the Asia-Pacific region (article in Human Resource Development Quarterly, 2000)